Youngtimer Rally Zemgale 2019


Youngtimer Rally Zemgale 2019

On July 6, the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia will be holding the year’s main Youngtimer event Youngtimer Rally Zemgale 2019.

The event will start at Bauska Motor Museum with registration and technical inspection for participant cars, followed by the official opening and briefing. In the mean time, the cars will be exhibited outside, while participants will have a chance to visit the museum. After briefing, participants will separate in two groups — one will carry on with regularity rallying on gravel roads, while the other will head on to a photo orienteering adventure across Zemgale region and into Lithuania.

Start list
Bulletin No.1
Bulletin No.2

Regularity rally stages will take teams to Iecava, Bauska, Vecumnieki and Rundāle regions, including Mūsa Raceland race track. We will have a lunch break in between orienteering and rallying, and the day will conclude back at the Bauska Motor Museum.

Please take note that only regularity rally participants will take part in the Youngtimer Rally and Krown cup.

Friday, June 7 Publishing of Supplementary Regulations and registration

Sunday, June 30 22.00 End of registration

Wednesday, July 3 18.00 Publishing list of participants on

Saturday, July 6 08:30 Administrative checks at Bauska Motormuseum, Sarkanmuiža 6, Codes pagasts
Saturday, July 6 10:00 Publishing of start list
Saturday, July 6 10:00 Briefing at Bauska Motormuseum, Sarkanmuiža 6, Codes pagasts
Saturday, July 6 10:30 Photo orienteering start
Saturday, July 6 11:00 RS1 start
Saturday, July 6 12:00 RS2 start
Saturday, July 6 12:30 RS3 start
Saturday, July 6 13:15 RS4 start
Saturday, July 6 14:00 Lunch for photo orienteering participants
Saturday, July 6 15:00 Photo orienteering start
Saturday, July 6 14:30 – 15:30 Regroup and lunch for regularity rally participants
Saturday, July 6 15:45 SRS1 start
Saturday, July 6 16:30 SRS2 start
Saturday, July 6 17:15 RS5 start
Saturday, July 6 18:00 Finish for photo orienteering participants
Saturday, July 6 18:15 Finish for regularity rally participants
Saturday, July 6 19:00 Awards Ceremony

* Event subject may be subject to change

Due to limited availability, organisers will evaluate each application individually. Each team must consist of at least 2 members. As in previous events, participating vehicles must be in good visual and technical condition, with valid MOT and insurance. Cars with historic vehicle certificates will be given preference. Each car must be equipped with a roadside emergency kit, consisting of a fire extinguisher, an emergency warning triangle, a reflective vest and a first aid kit.

Registration deadline is June 30, application by registration form below. Registration fee, including organiser’s mandatory advertising, is 60 EUR per person. Members of the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia that have settled the membership fee for 2019 — 50 EUR per person (including the co-driver). Registration fee for each extra passenger is 30 EUR.

Biedrība “Latvijas Antīko automobiļu klubs”
Reg. No. 50008001881
A/S “Swedbank”, SWIFT: HABALV22
IBAN: LV68HABA0551044812211

Included in the registration fee: event, breakfast coffee, lunch and dinner, printed materials and identification decals.


Kristaps GrīnbergsDāvis Mediņš Mercedes 1901993Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Ilja ZakmansGeorgijs Golubevs Jaguar XK1501958Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Mārtiņš KesusLīga Kesus VW Santana1982Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Normunds KalvānsIngus Mikuda SAAB 961976Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Agris ŠmitsInese Šmita Mercedes-Benz 1901992Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Donatas DevenisDarius Ambložiejus VW Scirocco1987Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Andres TõnisteMarge Arro BMW 3201982Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Andris ŠmitsIndra Šmite VW SCIROCCO1985Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Arnis PinkaGundars Pinka Mazda 323F1992Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Krišjānis OskerkoMaksis Gauja GAZ M 211958Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Kristaps RikānsIngmārs Birks Porsche 9441983Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Aigars RozenburgsSanda Medvede Audi Coupe1995Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Karolis RaišysLina Raisiene Austin Healey 30001961Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Ervīns LembergsKristīne Kārklińa Vaz 21061976Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Arnis ModrisElmārs Tikums Opel Ascona1987Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Toms DiuraJana Elste Vw Golf mk11983Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Ainārs GailītisDita Gailīte SAAB 900S Convertible1992Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Mareks SafronovsKristīne Safronova Vaz 21031975Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Dainis BērziņšMarta Kalēja BMW e301984Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Paulius Butkusindre zukaite Saab 900 C1988Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Andris ŠtefenbergsMārtiņš Galauskis VAZ 210331983Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Aleksandrs SaveljevsJelena Antipova Mercedes-Benz CE-3001992Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Konstantin PalchikovDaria Palchikova Lada Forma 210991992Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Gatis LaksaEdgars Birnītis Volvo 4801988Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Lauris BāliņšDace Bāliņa Mercedes Benz E3201994Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Linas ŽvinakevičiusMarius Rėklaitis VW Kafer1966Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Vilmārs ZvaigzneEvija Lapiņa VAZ 21011983Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Mārtiņš UpītisLizete Upīte Saab 900 Turbo1986Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)
Edgars LeimanisMārtiņš Putniņš VW Golf 21990Regularitātes rallijs (grants seguma ceļi)
Ilze MetuzāleMarta Metuzāle BMW 520i1982Foto orientēšanās brauciens (asfalta seguma ceļi)


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