Can you participate in Youngtimer events with your car?

  • Cars manufactured between 1969 and 1984 will be approved automatically if they meet the following requirements:
    • The car must have a valid proof of a passed national vehicle inspection (depending on the country of registration)
    • The car must be insured and the insurance policy must be effective in Latvia
    • The car must be in good visual and running condition as well as authentic and as close to original as possible
  • Cars with a different year of manufacture will be asessed individually by the organizers. The following exceptions are possible:
    • The model of the car was produced between 1969-1984, but the particular car has a later year of manufacture (i.e. Volvo 200-series, Mercedes-Benz W123, Alfa Romeo 33, BMW E30 etc.)
    • The car’s year of manufacture is earlier than 1969 but not earlier than 1950.
  • The excepctions mentioned above are subject to stricter regulations:
    • The car must be in a very good to excellent visual and running condition.
    • Parts and equipment must be genuine
    • Any modifications are acceptable only in made in accordance with the model’s year of production

A full list of youngtimer cars can be found here!

Please note that the organizers keep the rights to make the decision whether to admit a car to the event.