It is the time to advertise the second USED VEHICLES’ DRIVE.

The drive will take place on the island of Hiiumaa on the 15-th of June, 2013. The starting place is in Kärdla – the capital city of the island. As the majority of the track will cross over the western part of Hiiumaa, the style of the drive will be THE WILD-WILD WEST, COWBOYS AND COUNTRY.

Vehicles that come from the year 1985 or earlier are expected. If your vehicle is a couple of years younger, but still somehow special, you can get an exceptional permission to participate in the drive.

In accordance to the road book, you have to drive a distance of about 170 km. In the course of the driving day you can see the beauty of the islands nature, have some brain training with crosswords, take part in photo hunting (you should have your camera and USB data cable for connection to a computer). In addition you have to solve different tasks in certain places shown in the road book.

At the end of all this you are welcome to Hiiumaa Military Museum, where you can learn a bit of the military history of Hiiumaa.
After that we shall go to Kalda Guest House, where the best drivers will be awarded, all participants will get a fine dinner, can have refreshment in sauna and at the end of the evening also dance to the country music.

Every participant has to pay 25 euros, which include the road book, number stickers, lunch, dinner and the party in the evening.
In addition – bed and breakfast – 20 euros.

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